Tanvi Gaurav Srivastava



Why they deny ?

If I belong

at universal joint.

Native well as well

As relaxing in one’s brain

Small apartment in noetic

whereas fort in unfiltered drain.

Mildly, squat on both

Witty or sloth.

They protect and nurture them, for survival ,

In wild stormy rain.

A tiny sky appears from my well

I reinstated and broadened

then jumped into the river and

the same sky appears,

Now I planked into sea, and again

Yea! Tiny sky, huh!

They boast with their sky

and so they deny.

©Tanvi Gaurav srivastava.

One reply to “Toad…!

  1. toad that wet sprocket
    do not put your finger in the alive wire socket
    pocket the locket of my then hair anywhere
    listen to ginger croon th next about them two make believe animalz

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